After scanning the contact information, you will proceed to the questionnaire segment of the flow. The number and nature of the questions you encounter are determined by your administrator. Additionally, the specific information you are required to input is configured by your admin, and some of these questions may be mandatory. Depending on the type of data you need to enter, there are various components tailored to different data types. Please continue reading to explore the different components utilized in these questions.


A picklist can be configured as either single-select or multi-select, providing you with a predefined list of options. You are required to choose your answer(s) from this list, selecting the option that best fits your response.



The Number component is designed for questions that require a numeric response. It can accommodate various formats, including plain numbers, currency values, or percentages, ensuring precise data entry tailored to the question's context.


Multi Line Text

This is utilized for questions that necessitate a more extended response, such as providing a detailed description.


Single Line Text

This component is designed for questions that require a concise answer, typically a single word or a brief sentence.



This component is utilized in questions where the answer is binary, limited to either YES or NO.


Reference List

The Reference List is a compilation of records that already exist within the system, allowing you to establish a reference by linking any of these pre-existing records to the lead you are currently creating.