The drafts are all captured leads that have not been finalized. Leads may appear in draft status either because they were manually drafted or because mandatory information was missing and they were drafted automatically.

Drafts Saved Manually

If you find yourself short on time while on the event floor to complete the process of creating a new lead, you can conveniently save it as a draft and return to enter the information later. Manually saved drafts are identified with a yellow 'Draft' label. Learn more about creating drafts by reading this article.

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Drafts Saved Automatically

Your lead creation might inadvertently be saved as a draft, even if unintended. This occurs when a mandatory piece of information is missing while searching for contact details. To finalize this draft, you'll need to manually enter the missing information. Learn how to do this by reading the following article. Automatically saved drafts are distinguished by a red 'Needs Contact Information' label.

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