Romify offers users a versatile range of methods for capturing lead details efficiently. You have the flexibility to scan or photograph the lead's badge, snap a picture of a business card, scan a digital business card's QR code, choose a lead from a provided list, or input the details manually. For a deeper understanding of these methods and how to utilize them effectively, please continue reading this article.

Capturing lead details from the Badge

Depending on the configuration established by your administrator, you may encounter two distinct screens for badge capture. The first screen is designed for photographing the entire badge (1), while the second screen is tailored for scanning the QR code present on the badge (2). There's no need for manual adjustments; the appropriate screen will display automatically based on the setup.



Business Card photo

This method involves effortlessly taking a photograph of the business card (1). You also have the option to scan information printed on the reverse side of the business card (2), ensuring that all essential details are comprehensively captured.



Digital Business Card

If your lead possesses a digital business card, we've got you covered. Simply switch your method to Digital Business Card (1) and scan the QR code (2) to capture the information efficiently



Selecting lead from the List

If you are the event organizer and all guests have been invited by your company, there's no need to scan their contact details, as this information is already integrated into the system. In such instances, you should utilize the Event Guest List feature (1) to capture any additional information required from your interactions. Simply search for the guest's name on the list. Additionally, you may encounter situations where you meet a contact already known to you on the event floor. In these cases, scanning their details may not be necessary. Instead, you can select the Known Contact List (2) as your capture method, ensuring a streamlined process for updating or reviewing their information.



Manual Entry

If the other methods are not feasible, you always have the option for manual entry. Simply switch the capture method to Manual Entry (1), and begin typing in all the required information (2)



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