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How to use Romify 📖

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Getting Started

Finding the App - iPhone

Finding the App - Android phones

How to Register?

How to Login?

Forgot Password - How to Reset it?

Preparing the App for an Event

Capturing New Lead


What is a Flow?

Capture methods

Components Used in Questions

Answering Flow Questions

Contact Information Capture Methods

- Business Cards & Badges

Business Card & Badge Scanner

- Business Cards

Business card scanning

Differences of On-Device and Online Business Card Scanners

Supported Languages Online Business Card Scanner

- Digital Business Cards

Digital Business Card


Badge Scan


Event Guest List

Known Contact List

-Manual Entry

Manual Entry

Saving a Lead

How to Save the Lead?

Editing Existing Lead

How to Edit the Lead?

Creating a Draft

Types of Draft

How to Create a Draft

How to Complete a Draft

How to Delete a Draft

Can I Draft the Draft?

Event View

Information Widget

Team Goal Widget


Draft Widget

Business Card Scanner - Add-On Product

Business Card Scanner View

How to Switch From Business Card Scanner to Live Event?

Main Menu

How to Switch Between Events?

How to Log Out?

How to Switch to Business Card Scanner?

Phone Settings

How to Add Other Languages Than English for Dictation on Samsung Phones?

Integrations ♾


Pre-requisites for Salesforce Integration

How to Integrate Romify to Salesforce?

How to Connect Romify to Salesforce?

Introduction to Connection Settings - Salesforce

How to Disconnect Salesforce from Romify?

Introduction to Integration Settings - Salesforce

How to Disable Salesforce Integration?

Introduction to Mappings - Salesforce

How to Create a New Mapping - Salesforce?

How to Edit an Existing Mapping - Salesforce?

How to Delete Mapping - Salesforce?

How to Link Romify Event to Salesforce Campaign?

Why can't I see the Salesforce field in Romify?


How to Integrate Romify to HubSpot?

How to Connect Romify to HubSpot?

Introduction to Connection Settings - HubSpot

How to Disconnect HubSpot from Romify?

Introduction to Integration Settings - HubSpot

How to Disable HubSpot Integration?

Introduction to Mappings - HubSpot

How to Create a New Mapping - HubSpot?

How to Edit an Existing Mapping - HubSpot?

How to Delete Mapping - HubSpot?

Hubspot Duplicate Management

Hub ☁️


What Romify Hub Is?

How to Get Started?


Introduction to Events

How to Create an Event?

How to Import Events?

How to Delete an Event?

How to Edit Event Details?

How to Add or Remove Users from Event?

How to Add or Remove Event Flows?

How to Enable and Disable Capture Methods for Event?

How to Set Up Primary Capture Methods?

How to Set Up Event Guest List Capture Method?

How to Set Up Badge Scan Capture Method?

How to Set Up Business Card & Badge Scanner/Photo Capture Methods in One Component?

How Event Statuses Work?

When Tokens Are Used?


Introduction to Leads

How to Delete a Lead?

How to Edit a Lead?

How to (Re)send a Lead to Salesforce?

How to (Re)send a Lead to HubSpot?


Introduction to Users

How to Invite Users?

How to Edit a User?

How to Delete a User?

How to Set Up an Administrator User?

How to Suspend a User?

How to Prevent Admin User Consuming Tokens


Introduction to Flows

How to Create a New Flow?

How Select Contact Information Capture Methods

How to Create a New Question?

How to Edit Flow Questions?

How to Edit Flow Details?

Beyond Events

Business Card Scanner

Introduction to Business Card Scanner

How to Add or Remove Business Card Scanner Users?