Navigating through questions in Romify is seamlessly intuitive. You can advance to the next question by swiping the screen from right to left or by tapping the arrow button (1). The way you answer each question may vary, depending on the type of question and the components involved. Continue reading this article to discover how to effectively respond to questions using various components. Read this article to learn about different types of components that can be use in questions.


Answering Picklist Question

A picklist can be configured as either single-select or multi-select, providing you with a predefined list of options. You are required to select your answer(s) from the provided list, choosing the option(s) that most accurately fit your response. To select, simply type the correct answer(s), and the chosen option(s) will be highlighted in violet to indicate your selection.


Answering Number Question

The Number component is designed for questions that require a numeric response. It can accommodate various formats, including plain numbers, currency values, or percentages, ensuring precise data entry tailored to the question's context. Simply click on the field to input a numeric value; a numeric keyboard will appear (1). Once you have entered the answer, ensure to click the Save button (2) to secure your data.


Answering Multi Line Text Question

This is utilized for questions that necessitate a more extended response, such as providing a detailed description. To input your answer, you have the option to type or use voice dictation. Click on the white field displaying the text “Type here…” (1), and a keyboard will appear, allowing you to start typing. If you prefer to dictate your answer, switch to dictation mode by tapping the microphone button (on the bottom of the keyboard in iPhone and on the top of the keyboard in Android)(2). Once you've entered your answer, don't forget to hit the Save button to ensure your response is recorded (3).



Answering Single Line Text Question

This component is designed for questions that require a concise answer, typically a single word or a brief sentence. To respond to this type of question, tap on the white field, and a keyboard will appear (1). Similar to multi-line text questions, you have the flexibility to either type or dictate your answer. Ensure that you finalize the process by clicking Save to secure the entered values (2).


Answering Checkbox Question

This component is utilized in questions where the answer is binary, limited to either YES or NO. Effortlessly slide the toggle to the right to select YES - slider will change colour to violet or leave it on the left to indicate a NO answer.


Answering Reference List Question

The Reference List is a compilation of records that already exist within the system, allowing you to establish a reference by linking any of these pre-existing records to the lead you are currently creating. Utilize the Search box (1) to easily find the correct record. Just click on your choice from the list, and the selected answer will be highlighted in violet (2).