At Romify, we use three different statuses to describe events: Planned, Live, and Completed. This article will explain what each status means and when to use them.


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For designing a future event

For the Planned status, we have two sub-statuses: Testing and Training.

Testing mode - for administrators to test the mobile app and integrations

<aside> ✍🏻 NOTE: You still have to manually delete the leads from the end system (ie. Salesforce)


Training mode - for end user training before the Live Event


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For the events on going


Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 11.13.30.png

Event has ended and no more leads are expected from the users

Boundaries for LIVE status

Maximum time in LIVE status = 28 days

Automation on event statuses

Planned (including Testing and Training mode) → Live

Live → Completed

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